In my work with leaders and teams over the years what seems to me to be of most value is building a sense of confidence and credibility, no matter how senior the leader, whilst developing a team that trusts one another to make good business decisions together and enjoy their joint endeavours.

As a coach I am humbled when my clients describe me as inspirational, as it’s usually my clients who inspire me. When I ask what they mean by this they say, that as a result of working with me they are inspired to take action and make changes that lift their leadership and their team to the next level and bring balance back for themselves and their work.

I know that in times of change and transition with the pressures of delivering ever more for less, we can lose a sense of who we are and what’s important to us. My work with leaders and their teams helps to bring what matters to them back to the heart of what they do and the decisions that they make.

The work I love and find most rewarding involves

  • Working with leaders and their teams to build trust, increase collaboration and do great work together that delivers results.
  • Liberating leaders and unlocking workplace wisdom through courageous conversations.
  • Inspiring leaders to connect and collaborate on their joint endeavours together.
  • Helping leaders get clear about what really matters to them and how to bring that about in their workplace.

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“It was a wonderful experience working with Geraldine. She is extremely patient and truly listens. Her guidance in every situation was helpful in gaining an understanding that there are several ways to approach every situation.

She has a wealth of knowledge and a great talent for bringing forth ideas and insights. Working with her helped me organise my own knowledge and enabled me to apply my years of experience in a useful and tangible way.

Geraldine’s passion and dedication is incredible. Her guidance has been of great value to me. I will always remember her”

Paulo de Tarso, Restauranter, Covent Garden

“Geraldine worked with our team, and blew everyone away with her warmth, ability to connect to the team and sharp insight into our dynamics and approach.  She was highly flexible and creative, able to adapt to changing contexts and helped us really move forward in our ways of working and communication with each other. Geraldine has an amazing ability to make people feel at home and safe but also stretched at the same time, and she enabled our team to really say what was on their mind through this sense of safety. As a leader I felt totally supported and encouraged, and felt I could completely trust her.  The result is that the team started to share responsibility more equally, be more open and ultimately shifted the performance of our organisation. Thank you Geraldine!”

Naomi Telfer, CEO, The Sophie Hayes Foundation

I have worked with Geraldine for the last year and have found her coaching key for me to grow as a leader. She has a great style and technique to help me ask the key questions to access the insights that unlock ways for me to be more of myself. I can now find myself fully contributing from the beginning of discussions, better decisions are being made quicker. Confidently challenging & influencing Upstream leadership. The impact on the business is more honest conversations where issues are unearthed and opportunities are realised & acted upon. A sincere thank you to Geraldine for all her coaching unlocking my potential.

Mikel Jauregi HR Director (Talent and Upstream) BP

My coaching with Geraldine, not only helped me with making things work well in my current situation, I also saw that there was a lot more that I can do. I’m now more comfortable being myself, I can talk more honestly about what I am good at and my successes. I’ve secured a much more senior role, a role where I can further develop my leadership skills and fully realise my potential”

Eugenia Unanyants-Jackson, Global Head of ESG Research, Allianz Global Investors

“Geraldine helped to coach me through some changes that had to be made in my organisation. She made me focus on what had to change and ensure I knew the why, then also gave me the confidence to do it by talking through communication strategies. We also talked about how to manage resistance and possible disrupters and how I could ensure a ‘win win’ for the team and organisation. I made so much more of a success of this change thanks to this coaching and have used skills learnt many times since.”

MG, QA Director, Berks

Previously I had spent a lot of time focusing on development areas and strengthening weaknesses. One of the biggest benefits of working with Geraldine was I placed greater emphasis on super powering my strengths.

Dean Bell, Global Head of Streamlining, HSBC

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