Working with me

Leaders and leadership coaching

To discover where, as a senior, experienced and successful leader you will get most value from working with me, we start with a 45 minute Discovery session, where you’ll answer these questions

1. What are you main leadership challenges?
2. If you overcame these challenges what would be possible?
3. How will we best work together & when would you like to start?

You will then decide which coaching option would work best for you, either a coaching package or booking session by session and you can work with me as long as you want!

Leadership teams – working & learning together

Whether you lead a global, virtual or intact team we will follow this process to determine & decide what you most need from me as your team coach.

Step One – Discovery – this initial 75 minute call will help us discover what the ambition and challenge is that you have for the team and how we will get started.

Step Two – Diagnostic – investing time in a diagnostic process to gather the information needed to design the best intervention for the team.

Step Three – Deepening – working with the team to deepen trust, understanding and cooperation.

To book a Discovery session drop me a note using the form below and I’ll get back to you with date & time availability